An API for my data


With Allo popularizing the personal chat bot or ‘Smart Replies’ to save time, it makes me think about how efficient I will become in assisting people and conversation. I would open my chat bot and traits to peers and some aspects to the public for a fee.

We host our own data on home servers or encrypted on a trust less server system like IPFS. Share with whom we choose or sell API calls to marketers for bitcoin.

What data?

Search history, message reply history, calendar, what I like and dont like, answers to many questions that, only I could answer.

I would specifically include my goals, values, things I teach, like to do and want to learn, offerings, special needs, and things I am not interested in. AI can figure most of this out from our conversations to keep our traits up to date.

Who would use this data?

My friends and family could use it to make our lives more efficient, and they could share it with who they trust.. I think about carpooling, meal sharing, skill sharing, work matching, dating, general collaboration..

I envision a client with map visualizations of where people are in need or are abundant in different things based on current conversation. Social graphs, word clouds and suggestions for meetings and opportunities that align with my goals.

It would guide me to meet the right people at the right time, to learn the things required, to meet my goals. A synchronicity facilitating software.

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