#Synereo – The #Decentralized and #Distributed Social Network – #AttentionEconomy

Synereo is a fully decentralized
and distributed social platform

Next-gen social platform

Your attention is scarce, precious
and powerful.
It’s time for it to work for you.

Fully decentralized

There’s no single point of failure.
The network cannot be taken
down or hijacked.

Be who you want

Your self-expression varies across
networks. Construct and present
your identity as you see fit.

Your data is yours

Completely spy-proof.
Only you decide who can view
your profile and content.

The Decentralized and Distributed Social Network

imgWhen invested in any type of post, AMPs increase the amount of views that post can receive compared to what it could get without. In essence, these tokens Amplify the power of a message, drawing more user attention to it. This allows anyone on the network to purchase user attention.

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Source: Synereo – The Decentralized and Distributed Social Network

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